There is something democratizing about the internet that’s doing cool things

We are no longer dependent on a person in a suit to approve of what you do for it to be seem by millions of people..the way to do it is to film it and put it on the internet…

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what is the meat and what is the tech?

Technology has a way of isn’t that cool….

how does the tech further the plot the core of the work.

Looking at ten digital artists I want to explore the question what is the meat and what is the tech?

With the proliferation of low-cost democratic tools online, everyone can be their own producer, publisher, and marketing team. For these artists, new technologies are enabling an exciting freedom to create and disseminate work on their terms for new audiences.

Am I missing out as I am not able to afford to learn these new tachnologies or incorporate them in my work?

My work will now focus on this journey.

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Obsessive tapping…manic dancing…The Red Shoes

It’s a preoccupation. Looking elsewhere for happiness. Fantasy. The taste of the Madeleines. Memory. Hope by running away or to.

A trance dance. Obbession. Relentlessness. Perfection.

It’s one of my favourite tales.

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Ashley Cole

OK so I strumbled across this telly programme last night on Cheryl Cole and so many comments were made as to why Ashley Cole played away from home when he had Cheryl Cole at home….thinking about this social media interaction text interaction it was as if sending a headless picture of himself somehow made it alright to show scenes of an intimate nature…when asked he showed his face? Does texting and cyber relations create an invisibilty? this might explain so many happy looters. Having used social networking sites almost constantly the young/ old/ naive responded in a way that had ne regard for consequences. The same invisibility.

In my work I am informed by such collective behaviour. The extension of the self within the cyborg may allow a dissolving of edges and boundaries.

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bionic hand

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Frustration is the name of the game.

ok this is it time to face my fears…

fear of strangers being sble to read my creative processes and thoughts.

yikes its a big step for me but here goes.

today i’m full of frustration as for the lasdt two weeks \i have been unable to get logged onto the new wimba pronto. the first week i tried for sbout 4 hours and last week for two…but due to the work of my tutor Jonathan…thank you by the way…i might have the answer.

i am working so so hard trying to keep my kids in their schools in london and in the same house.

it seems endless and i am frustrated as i am not making enough art or reading or writing.

so so so

things are about to change.

I am going to write on my blog at least twice a week to start with any more is fab . lets see.

my blog now rather than hiding behind theory and newspaper clippings i am gonna give you a bit mo0re of my thoughts and the work i am doing for my masters in digital art at camberwell.

i am working in collaboration with paul sewter and nz digital artist on my final piece for next year.

liminality, objects meeting human by being an extension of the human bionic fingers…(by the way see post of boy sponsored by f1 boss to have a bionic hand (with mercedes logo attached) repetition, suspension of belief and secondlife.

ok here goes

see you tomorrow

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Gordon Matta Clark Barbican Art Gallery

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Mid Point Review Chat and answered questions.

Mid Point Review Feedback

As part of the MPR the custom is to present a brief overview (5 mins) of the work so far. After that you are not allowed to speak while your work is being discussed. Although this is a challenge I found it to be a cathartic experience as it allowed me to see my work as a viewer.

I would like to say thank you to everyone that contributed in the discussion about my work. It was fascinating and will help my work progress. I learnt so much about the way I can get really focused on an idea and have tunnel vision with little flexibility. Here is a copy of the chat archive and the comments made my progress and on the film Dreams we live.
Following is the feedback then I will list the questions and following this are student responses to my questions.

Chat Archive
next is Eva:
2:04 I love the theme of your project: the transformation of identity through our relationship with technology, or the “cyber-mask” as you call it. I think it is a strong theme with a clear research. ?Exploring what happens to the avatars when they are not fuelling our fantasies? has a lot of potential and playfulness.

Louis Carosello 2:05 again great graphics and interesting sound track

Mariana Tschudi 2:05 however, Even tough I like the relation of Gordon Matta Clark?s ?space between? to your work, it is not clear to me how are you going to make it happen or to explore it?

At present it is not altogether too clear to me either. I have linked the concept of the ‘lost spaces’ Matta Clark explored to the liminal parts of a city…spaces we stumble across on rare occasions for example a visit to an industrial estate relate to the spaces and sites I stumble on online. I am searching for these spaces and the avatars that reside there.

Madeline Churchill 2:05 It is such a strong project – I really like thsi one 🙂

Kay Johns 2:05 Ye sI think Eva’s work sounds is so fascinating

Olympia Efstathiou 2:05 I love the fact that the unconscious state of comfort is mentioned. The example of the screensaver made me think about those mini-black out you were wondering about. A small stimulus that builds a story that is so close to our hearts and minds.

Osiris Roost 2:05 Yes the sound track was interesting

Mariana Tschudi 2:05 The fact that we can create other realities inside our computers is fascinating, are you planning to do that? Are you creating 3D avatars and virtual worlds in which people can interact? or are you developing an animated film about it.?

I am not decided yet. I do not personally have the capacity to create a virual world other that the virtual/real life characters I have used in my dating project. I will be partaking in the Virual world on Secondlife for this project.
The film I am developing maybe animated.

Moira Zahra 2:06 yes I also have the same questions as Mariana

Kay Johns 2:06 I’m curious Eva if you see the future of humanity moving towards virtual reality? Do you think the world would be a better place? Do you see any dangers in focusing on the virtual world at the expense of the real world?

Kay I feel that we can escape into virtual worlds easily if we have the time…but real life goes on…I will use the theory of Julia Kristeva to explore those that get increasingly involved in ‘escaping’ online. I feel that the internet has certainly made my world a better place. I feel that focusing on the virtual world is not developing at the expense of the real world…it is just another dimension…like the invention of the wheel.

Moira Zahra 2:06 I was wondering if you would be creating a film in second life

No I will take elements from my experiences in secondlife but I will attempting to create my own space…a waiting room for ‘avatars’.

Osiris Roost 2:06 She will use the filme do document her expirence as a 3d avatar. or ?

Mariana Tschudi 2:06 That’s a great question Kay The piece “dream we live” looks like a lot of work with many details, is it made by you for your MA project? or is it a screen capture of your avatars interacting in an online virtual world?

It is a screen capture…but does this mean it is not my work?

2:07 Olympia Efstathiou 2:07 I was wondering on the procedure of creaing the avatars

I create my own avatars in collaboration with another digital artist who has the technical know how.

Madeline Churchill 2:07 WIll the viewer have any control over the avatar?

The viewer will only have control of their own avatar ,althought this sounds interesting and could be developed.

Louis Carosello 2:07 the looping of visuals gives one time to observe all that is present, the first scene is silent giving viewers time to form impressions

Osiris Roost 2:08 I have this question: Just 1 month ago the Sony (Playstation 3) network was hacked, in a result they had to turn their online gaming network off for more then 3 weeks. A lot of people war lost (not only hard core gamers), similar as a drug addict would be if you toke away his daily dose. They did not know what to do instead of going online. As result the “Xbox 360” sales went up, and online gaming platforms that did not require the sony network went up. What are your thoughts about this ?

The first gaming addition clinic was set up in Amsterdam a few years ago. I agree with the addictive element of gaming is evident.

2:08 Moira Zahra 2:08 I’m not sure how the avatar will be presented seeing that the project is about avatars when they are not being used

I have some very clear ideas about the avatars being suspended literally stored in their off line state which allows for some movement…I am intereted in breathing movements twitches a sleep/awake state.

Olympia Efstathiou 2:08 I agree with Moira I think maybe there could be a variable social analysis on the choice of avatars – very particular, but maybe there is a pattern behind it

2:09 Osiris Roost 2:09 Yes Moira, I would think she uses her avatar to find Avatares that are inactive. or not ?

No I will not use my avatar to find others.

Moira Zahra 2:09 I think sometimes avatars are people’s alter egos, so what Osiris is mentioning would actually affect gamers quite badly


Louis Carosello 2:10 same question, what % of graphics are you generating or is it an assembledge of existing clips?


Osiris Roost 2:10 Screencabs i guess

2:10 A collage would be interestins interesting

2:10 Kay Johns 2:10 Yes

Madeline Churchill 2:10 A communal vision of a cyber-world?

or individual?

Mariana Tschudi 2:10 exactly, they are totally immersed in that reality and through it avoid this one (exactly as using drugs)

Moira Zahra 2:11 Are you going to be looking at abandoned avatars?

Yes this is the core of this project

Osiris Roost 2:11 I have a interesting question: Do you think she will be able to give up your avatars life after the MA is over, never connect to it again ?

Yes I will if I choose…depends

Olympia Efstathiou 2:11 The manipulation of the images could have a personal projection

for sure

Mariana Tschudi 2:11 but someone knows is the piece “day we dream” is made by her? sorry dream we live

Is this important?

2:11 Moira Zahra 2:12 I’m not sure but she says that ‘the film has been completed’

Kay Johns 2:12 A virtual world would be mayhem if it got hacked

And good fun?

Moira Zahra 2:12 I assumed that she recorded her experience on second life and is now using it as an initiation for the rest of the project

Yes I have

2:12 Mariana Tschudi 2:12 but has she created the animation and avatars or have she taking them from other virtual worlds online?

Both Louis Carosello 2:12 I like the project but I am not involved in any cyber world haunts. so I see the vale to my life in this world

Claire Alonge 2:13 yes, Kay, and it would be mayhem if someone got deleted! Kay Johns 2:13 Yes! Louis Carosello 2:13 It is a virtual world so no harm done

Maybe maybe not?

Osiris Roost 2:13 I have seen people depressed Jonathan Kearney 2:13 (just in passing – this is an important point, you must make very clear on your blogs what work is your own and what is from other artists – this is why I suggested have a ‘my practice’ section on your blogs)

Moira Zahra 2:13 I think it would be interesting if Eva could show people like Louis who are not involved in cyber world haunts, how it feels to have a second life through the project


Olympia Efstathiou 2:13 it would be interesting to have refferences on the virtual worlds built before cyber era. People are lost in their dreams from a very young age *fantastical friends maybe

Jonathan Kearney 2:14 Comment from Monkee, a full time student: Eva asked, What do you think of people who meet partnets online?honestly do you have any negative thoughts or just positive one? please let me know.

I dont think this is a problem. we have the right to know how we meet our partner. to know a person, we have many ways to do it. so, to know a partner it’s just a way out of any other ones. it provides a easier way to know a person that might be suitable for you, so why not? in the other hand, the negative thoughts is that, many frauds exsist online.

Kay Johns 2:14 I think it would cause a lot of stress if a virtual world got deleted as it is quite addictive
Olympia Efstathiou 2:15 Maybe thinking about the aftermath

Louis Carosello 2:15 then it can be recrated as it is virtual

Moira Zahra 2:15 It’s true Kay, but I think most games just move on to other virtual worlds (in the case of games) although with second life I’m not sure if there are any replacements

Kay Johns 2:15 Sorry meant to say avatar in a virtual world

Moira Zahra 2:15 gamers* Madeline Churchill (missmaddiec) 2:15 But it is where we project so many fantasies, We can create and destroy, it’s like Hollywood isn’t it?!

Claire Alonge 2:15 this reminds me of Hamlet on the Holodeck

Claire Alonge 2:15 after the star trek concept

Jonathan Kearney 2:15 Comment from Jedrzej, a full time student: I think that you should take a look at my blog, and check some articles, which I pasted there. There is a lot going on with virtual reality and media addiction. You should maybe check a documentary called Another Perfect Life, in search of a virtual Paradise. This film inspired me to do what I am doing now. There is also some things about people who did not know how to exist in a real world, and choose to live in a virtual reality. I hope that you will find it interesting.

Thank you.

Claire Alonge 2:16 she would get in character like an escapist novel

Mariana Tschudi 2:16 Another question I had about her work: Is her project going to be a short animated film to watch or is going to turn into an interactive world? Are you planning to exhibit your final work only online or are you thinking of a way to make a show with it?

I am not sure in what direction it will land but at present a film seems to be the most suitable

Osiris Roost 2:16 I think it hast to be

Madeline Churchill 2:17 Could it become a whole network of computers creting a world? People buy plots of land and build the virtual utopia?!

Olympia Efstathiou 2:17 Is there going to be any interaction in the finished installation?

Only as a viewer
Moira Zahra 2:17 I have the same question as Mariana’s actually

Madeline Churchill 2:17 Oh hold on, that might be internet cafes!!

Moira Zahra 2:17 Would be interesting if your show was also on second life

I did that for my BA there is a link on my blog if you would like to see it. It was advertised on Secondlife and some avatars turned up to see the performance.

Mariana Tschudi 2:17 is it going to be an installation?


Olympia Efstathiou 2:17 sorry I assumed

Jonathan Kearney 2:17 Comment from Gabriele, a full time student: Eva: There is an amazing show of Gordon Matta Clark at Barbican Center here in London. Maybe you could write to the curator of the exhibition and have a chat about your project and how Gordon Matta Clark was expiring for you. Here the link of the event: Louis Carosello

Thank you. A brilliant show!

2:18 How would the concept play out if you chose instead of your or human virtual life you applied it to natural cycles like weather or animal behavior


Osiris Roost 2:18 I would be very interested in some detailed information about your Project. How long are you online a day.

It depends one hour or so sometimes longer…when I did the dating project it was hours!!!

Witch platforms do you use. Now facebook, twitter..having a break..

Are you always a women online, or do you test your project as a men as well ? both

In you MPR you say “? our deepening relationship within the computer”, it is clear we have a relationship to our computer. But do we what to deepen it ?

In my experience the deepening is the amount of emotional and physical time we exchange. A kind of currency.

2:19 Olympia Efstathiou 2:19 What are the influences of creating the avatar, could it be embedded in someone’s gene’s and couldn’t be expressed or does it get formulated by external factors while growing up?

There have been several influences including the women I wanted to be dreamt of being…Farar Facett Majors is one…a girl called Liz Mitchell at school was another!

Mariana Tschudi 2:19 I think it’s inevitable (to deepen it) Osiris Roost 2:20 Agree Kay Johns 2:20 Yes Moira Zahra 2:20 yes but how will it affect our real life Louis Carosello 2:20 you know the one we live in Osiris Roost 2:20 more then is good for us Olympia Efstathiou 2:20 I agree Kay Johns 2:20 I think it will be the same as any addiction Moira Zahra 2:21 will the real life and the virtual life become seamless Olympia Efstathiou 2:21 how do you judge when it has become an addiction?

Because you cannot stop yourself and life becomes unbalanced. Moira Zahra 2:21 at some point Mariana Tschudi 2:21 or maybe a parallel life that flows together with our real life in harmony 2:21 Kay Johns 2:21 To the point when when you can’t live without something Moira Zahra 2:21 yes as opposed to a new addiction Louis Carosello 2:21 then i will send my avatar to find religion , do drugs, and gamble Jonathan Kearney 2:21 ok, before we move on and important point to make: after this chat it is vital to use the archive of the chat and go through the comments and questions and use that for your own reflection about your work on your blog – this means you will gain the most from this process

Thank you everyone.


1. As a viewer do you feel that there are other forums that might enhance my work more than Secondlife?

2. Have you got an avatar that you use or have used and forgotten about?

3. Have you found love online?

4. What do you think of people who meet partnets online…honestly do you have any negative thoughts or just positive one? please let me know

5. If you could create an avatar what form would you choose to prepresent you?


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